Over years your exterior surfaces can appear dull, full of moss, algae growth, oil stains and general dirt which a domestic pressure washer will not remove. With SprayAways high pressure cleaning service your driveways, patios, paths and paving can look as good as the day they were first laid.

Costs of these services vary according to the surface to be cleaned, the type of cleaning required and what type of substance is to be cleaned from the surface (moss, oil/petrol, general grime and traffic film being typical).

Simply call 07765795789 or contact us at the top of the page to arrange a home visit. At SprayAways we believe in offering exceptional customer service, while still providing a high quality finish to your property, it is for this reason that we guarantee your quote no matter how long the job takes the price agreed is the price you pay, no extras, no hidden charges.


At SprayAways we provide the following cleaning services:


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