Q: Do you accept cheques, visa, debit cards?

A: yes cheques are made payable to Sprayaways, we currently accept PayPal .


Q: Do i need to be at home?

A: No as long as we can access area.


Q: I was told my patio was zero maintenance why has the colour altered?

A: There is no such thing as zero maintenance, low maintenance however all areas will require a clean from time to time, this not only improves the appearance but extends the life of the area.


Q: What are the black spots on my patio and will they come off?

A: Most likely it will be mould or lichens, these cannot always be removed it is dependent on type of stone, how serve the black sport is and whether it has started to corrode the area. If you have found black spot this needs to be treated as soon as possible as it eats away at stone, and you could end up having to replace the whole area, having your area sealed is the best way to prevent this reoccurring.


Q: Does cleaning damage concrete or paving?

A: Due to the nature of a high pressure clean damage can occur, every precaution will be taken by our contractor although sometimes this is unavoidable, our contractor will make you aware of any cause for concern.


Q: Do i need outside water source?

A: No however this needs to be booked in advance.


Q: What happens if i have low water pressure?

A: We can fill our on board water tank at your property.


Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes we are fully insured and can supply documents at request of the customer, our public liability covers us to £1000000.


Q: What areas do you cover?

A: South Manchester and Cheshire.


Q: Do you resand block paving?

A: Yes, we can resand your area we use kiln dried sand, this has to be completed once the area is dry would book a follow up visit with you.